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who would ya meet

If you could meet someone in Chat Legion...who would ya meet?


  • I'd like to meet Rune, Mandy and Purdiie.  They work so hard for the chat and chatters, i'd like to pysically shake their hands..   give em a hug and say Thank you.

    Also Danny.. Lee....   Nutty... and the other mods that help out.

    Then it would be cool to have a nice gathering of whoever could meet up.
  • OOh, There are quite a few I'd like to meet.  Brian, Purds, Rune, coz I think theyre great
    Lee and Danny, I just love their humour
    Anda, cos the brooding, hard man interests me lol
    Rose and Pugsy, cos what a great afternoon we could have gossiping away!
    Incog and peej, to have a few drinks and play a few songs with, they have great taste in music!
    Fisherman could teach me the chemistry that I want to know..
    In fact...lets all have a party! 
  • Five of us have met twice recently,  Sadie, Jill6, Little Egg, White Rabbit and myself Yorksrose. we had a great time . but would love to meet all the admin and dj's who work so hard to keep things so good, and would love to meet my friend Pugwashf.. Yes lets party!
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    oh good no one wants to meet me, happy days


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    crinks.  that wasn't the question!  Who would YOU want to meet?  :)
  • Mandy pet, surely you would like to meet me ? ....fgs lol
  • bobby just to ruffle  his hair
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    Crinks,  I'm in the same boat.  lol

    Looks like I'm safe nobody wants to meet me.  I don't have to go into hiding.  lol

    Who would I like to meet?  EVERYBODY!!!!!  mostly because ye are all so interesting and I would love to place the nickname to the face.  :)

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