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Rune & The X-Factor by miranda

edited October 2014 in Writings

This is the tale of a man called Rune who daily tried to make a different tune
Every day he howled and wailed like a cat on a fence that’s been impaled
He would sing to his wife I love you and wonder why her eyes looked at the super glue
His neighbours would say oh no not that din then quickly put their ear plugs in
Rune one day grabbed his guitar and said that’s I’m   going on x factor and show you I’m a star
So online   he applied and within hours they replied

Rune couldn’t believe it he was going on telly with Simon, Cheryl and Melly
The big day arrived Rune was a little perplexed when the producer shouted your up next
He walked on stage all hip, the producer shouted “oi your old watch you don’t slip “
Rune looked out there was more people than he feared but a relief came over him as they all cheered
He said loudly “hi I’m Rune and going to show you how to play a tune “
“Let’s hope you’re as good as you think “said Cheryl and gave a little wink

Rune strummed his guitar and begin to howl “OMG STOP THAT NOW” shouted Simon Cowell
Cheryl was laughing so was Meland  Louis said “that wasn’t so swell “
“Maybe you could put your talents to a different use “
Rune glared and said “I don’t have to listen to this abuse”
Simon laughed you came on stage thinking your it when that was incredibly shit
Rune banged his guitar in a rage stuck up his 2 fingers and stormed of the stage


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    How thick am I ... just spent over an hour helpin her take the effin piss outta me!  lol
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    ROFL - Now that is great!!  Even funnier that you helped her edit it and got it in here.  ha   :))
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