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  • I should really go first huh? Well my names Menara I'm 42yrs old mother of 2 adult lads, who drive me insane..oh wait i was already insane when i joined here :P....... I have a huge passion for Soul/Motown, but I'm also a huge fan (Stalker) of Josh Grobanand, love my action movies... Fav football team is Chelsea (shhh) erm what else..oh I love it here... xox
  • HIya...Married for 27 years ...soon 28 :) .. with two children. One just started college and the other is getting married the beginning of October. Have a degree in Geology never used but had a blast in college. I stayed home to raise my children. I love the beach...sailing, snorkeling, traveling, gardening, and boating. Love the Marvel movies, captain sparrow movies, and love to watch scary movies...Halloween is my favorite holiday!

    I think people are super nice here :) and lots of fun:)
  • hello
     have been widowed for three years.
     have a wonderful family and love to chat with the lovely people in chat legion
     Great admin team here ... thanks.
  • hi----been married 40 yeas , not all plain sailing. no children ,lots of likes -lots of dislikes lol -----think this site is great -hope it keeps up.  TY for the welcomes xxx
  • Hi ---- I've been married twice... #Fail ---- Now living with a wonderful woman that just gets me. It's perfect.   I've always tinkered with the internet and design and have been running websites and chats for as long as I can remember.   I absolutely love bringing people together to chat and enjoy themselves from the comfort of their home (and now mobile device with latest technology's).

    As many of you know, I love #PalmTrees and my #Pool.  ;)
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    demented insane mad  take your pick..........retired ex vet (horse dr) lives in avillage thats a bit alternative we have a few 'individuals'  has horses cats and dogs            I can be  your worst nightmare,  or your best mate,  tough cookie onthe outside and marshmallow heart........give me a 17.2 hunter in a bad mood and thats no problem, oh and I'm a dab hand with a scalpel!
  • 47  mother of  1 great daughter loves horror  films  playing pranks on people chat  and some call me the ice queen  :D
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    Hi I'm Sunny!  Yes I'm always this cheerful.  Where to begin?  ok I'm 38 mother of a precious 5 year old married for 15 years.  I'm a proud Canadian, Newfoundlander and I'm getting the hang of the different time zones once I remember to add on the extra 1/2 hour.. lol.  I love to read a lot!   mysteries are my favorite but I will read anything I can get my  hands on.  I love to write whatever comes to mind.  In person I'm really shy and quiet even when you do get to know me.  I am a bit on the weird and freaky side.  Oh I should mentioned that I absolutely loves MUSIC as much as I love my books.   I am really a nice and friendly person both here and in real life with a smile for everyone.  I always make it a point to have a kind word to say about everyone.

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