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Who would you invite?

So You are given the chance to invite 5 people to dinner...Brian is
cooking for you and your guests. Music will be provided by the fabulous 
djs here at chatlegion. Now the 5 you invite can be anyone from the
past or alive now. Who would you choose... and if you want... choose your
reason for inviting them?. Lets hope brian cooks something great! Oh Brian what ya cooking for us lol?
Have fun!


  • I'll cook whatever the local resturants will prepare for me! :)  So what's everyones 5 people they would invite???
  • 1st     My dad - many unanswered questions :(
    2nd    My grandparents both sets - as I never met them let alone know what they look like..
    3rd     Hugh Jackman so i can get naughty with him under the table :P
    4th     Morgan Freeman - He is wise, have a lot to say and and his oices is so calming and
    comforting, who        wouldn't want to be honoured by his presence?
    5th     Jessica Alba - Cuz if i was a lesbian she be my girl.. LOL
  • my dad...........left far too early

    my great granny........never got to meet her and I would love to ask her  about things

    anne boleyn........get her side of the story

    richard III  ..........then we would know the truth about the Princes in the tower

    Shemar I could have him before Mandy did!

  • edited September 2014 Posts: 29
    my dad...miss him and would love to have his advice on so many things

    Thomas Jefferson...would love to see what he thinks of the United States now

    my mother in law...She was an incredible mom in law and i love and miss her

    My he could talk to his momma :)

    Luke Bryan...just to listen to him sing and look at him :)

    And Brian...No fast food lol...
  • Taco Bell it is happi..  :)
  • great lol...can't wait Brian :) Bring some banana nut bread too :)
  • Posts: 0
    1 Rune

    2 Rune

    3 Rune

    4 Rune

    5 Rune

    Then I get to eat ALL the food!
  • LOL Rune
  • Brian you have better get lots of food for Rune lol

  • 1 my hubby
    2 mark wright
    3 shane warne
    4 freddie flintoff 
    5 Rune  lolol
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